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[Tutorial]Basic Trainer Data Empty [Tutorial]Basic Trainer Data

Post by tysonrss on Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:20 am

Editing trainer data is extremely simple. First, let's find the trainer we wish to edit.

Trainers are sorted by class: all Fishers are in a group, all Youngsters are in another group, and so on. A list of the classes is below:

01 Leader [Falkner]
02 Leader [Whitney]
03 Leader [Bugsy]
04 Leader [Morty]
05 Leader [Pryce]
06 Leader [Jasmine]
07 Leader [Chuck]
08 Leader [Clair]
09 Silver [1]
0A Pokémon Prof.
0B Elite Four [Will]
0C PKMN Trainer [Cal]
0D Elite Four [Bruno]
0E Elite Four [Karen]
0F Elite Four [Koga]
10 Champion
11 Leader [Brock]
12 Leader [Misty]
13 Leader [Lt.Surge]
14 Scientist
15 Leader [Erika]
16 Youngster
17 Schoolboy
18 Bird Keeper
19 Lass
1A Leader [Janine]
1B Cooltrainer♂
1C Cooltrainer♀
1D Beauty
1E Pokémaniac
1F Rocket [Male Grunt]
20 Gentleman
21 Skier
22 Teacher
23 Leader [Sabrina]
24 Bug Catcher
25 Fisher
26 Swimmer♂
27 Swimmer♀
28 Sailor
29 Super Nerd
2A Silver [2]
2B Guitarist
2C Hiker
2D Biker
2E Leader [Blaine]
2F Burglar
30 Firebreather
31 Juggler
32 Blackbelt
33 Rocket [Male Executive]
34 Psychic
35 Picnicker
36 Camper
37 Rocket [Female Executive]
38 Sage
39 Medium
3A Boarder
3B Pokéfan [Male]
3C Kimono Girl
3D Twins
3E Pokéfan [Female]
3F PKMN Trainer [Red]
40 Leader [Blue]
41 Officer
42 Rocket [Female Grunt]
43 Mysticalman [Eusine] (Crystal only)

To find where each group is stored, follow its two‐byte pointer from the array at offset 0x3993E (Gold/Silver) or 0x39999 (Crystal).

Next, load the table file in your hex editor and search for the trainer’s name. You should be taken immediately to the trainer data, which is stored like this:

<Trainer Name> <0x50> <Data type> <Pokémon Data>+ <0xFF>

The Pokémon data format varies based on the Data Type

Data type <0x00>: Pokémon Data is <Level> <Species>. Used by most trainers.
Data type <0x01>: Pokémon Data is <Level> <Pokémon> <Move1> <Move2> <Move3> <Move4>. Used often for Gym Leaders
Data type <0x02>: Pokémon Data is <Level> <Pokémon> <Held Item>. Used mainly by Pokéfans.
Data type <0x03>: Pokémon Data is <Level> <Pokémon> <Held Item> <Move1> <Move2> <Move3> <Move4>. Used by a few Cooltrainers.

Continues in 2nd post

Courtesy of Mateo
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