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Post by FroggestSpirit on Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:26 pm

This is a randomizer for Pokemon Crystal. New! Version 1.3 (Colorize pokemon based on types, and shuffle pokemon stats with other pokemon)

It lets you randomize:
-Pokemon that appear in the wild
-What moves they learn leveling up
-What Types they are (there's about a 50% chance it will be a single type)
-What they evolve into (though conditions for their evolution remain the same)
-Their cries (Now randomizes cries better!)
-Trainer Pokemon
-Other pokemon/legendaries
-Pokemon Stats (right now, the 6 base stats are shuffled for each pokemon)
-To make things easier, set all catch rates to whatever you want!

All of these options are well, options, meaning you can select all, none, one, etc.
Also, only a few have it right now, but I'm adding list support.
A list is a text file, with index numbers, and only those will be used!
Want to randomize starters to be only starters? then you can make a list with the 6 (as of gen 1&2) starter's numbers
and save it as a text file. (more info in the readme)

If you select shuffle pokemon stats with other pokemon, it will give pokemon a random set of stats from another random pokemon (ex. ratatta might get magikarp stats) The pokemon will get all 6 stats from another pokemon, but the stat they are assigned to is still random (hp might be put in speed, attack into def, etc) Also, once a pokemon's stats are picked, it isnt picked again (you wont get 5 pokemon having ho-oh stats)

This is the Fourth release, so please report any bugs to me


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