What goes here? And what are rules?

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What goes here? And what are rules? Empty What goes here? And what are rules?

Post by Mateo on Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:19 am

Some of you might be wondering, "What is this section about? We already have a hacking showcase!" Well, let me explain.

While the hacking showcase is for your personal hacks (or maybe two or three working as a small team) this section is for hacks that are opened up to the community as a whole to contribute to.
This is very much a new and experimental forum, so it might have some technicalities to work out, but the idea is that anyone can contribute to hacks posted here.

Now, some basic RULES specific for this section:
  • No posting an existing hack without original Author's permission - (So no "Pokémon Ice" unless you are Jeremy, for example)
    - Violation will result in thread deletion.
    - Repeat violations will result in a temporary suspension of your account.
  • No intentionally "griefing" a hack - Yes, people should keep backups. No, you should not offer to "help" if you only plan on messing up someone else's work.
    - Violation will result in account suspension, with length determined by severity and maliciousness of said griefing.

Other than this, all standard forum rules apply as far as behavior. Threads for a hack should still be orderly and follow the model hack guidelines.

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