[Tutorial]Editing the Title Screen in Gold

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[Tutorial]Editing the Title Screen in Gold Empty [Tutorial]Editing the Title Screen in Gold

Post by Mateo on Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:18 am

Hello all, here is a much easier way to edit the title screen (Adapted from another tutorial originally posted by MeanMrMustard back in the day). This method preserves the flying Pokemon image, so you can edit it separately, it doesn't require you to completely redraw the entire tilemap, and is good for those of you who don't feel the need to COMPLETELY redo the titlescreen, but would still like it to be customized and show your version name and the like. Let's get started.

Step 1:

First, let's assemble the tools we'll need. For this tutorial, we will really only need TLP and a Hex Editor, as well as a pointer calculator if that's the way you roll when it comes to getting pointers. You will also need your rom, and to make life easier, the image attached to this post.

Step 2:

On to actual edting! If you notice in the tile viewer, the titlescreen graphics are actually loaded from 2 separate locations. The split is right in the middle of the "POKeMON" logo. Since this is still a Pokemon game, you probably won't be changing the logo anyway, so we will only be repointing the second half of the graphics.

What you want to do is open your rom in TLP, and find some blank space between 98BF0 and 995F0 where we can import an image. In this tutorial, we will be placing it at 98BF0. So when you are at your location, simply go to "Edit" then "Import Bitmap" and tell it to load the image that was attached to this post, and save it.

Now, open your rom in the hex editor and go to 62C0. You will see "21 00 40". This is the pointer to the old graphics. Well, we want it to point to our new graphics instead, so we will replace the pointer. The pointer to our address is 26 F0 4B, but we only need the last 2 bytes of that. So change the bytes at 62C0 to read "21 F0 4B". Now it will point to the new graphics we inserted! Let's go ahead and save it.

Now is a good time to test it out. Open your rom up and look at the title screen. It should show the normal titlescreen, except the version text will be gone. This is what we want.

Step 3:

Open your rom up in TLP again, and this time edit the tiles to show your version name there. You can change whatever else you like as well, for example you could change the clouds to be tree tops or something, for example. If you change it to something else, you will want to edit the pallet for that part of the screen so it will match, but you get the idea. Congratulations! You just edited the titlescreen, with minimal ASM editing and without having to spend ages in a hex editor manually redrawing your title screen!

At some point, I'll try to explain the proper way to repoint and edit the bird as well.

Here is the link to the image to insert:

sendspace.com tbqw6s

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