[Tutorial]Editing the Title Screen in Gold -- Alternate method

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[Tutorial]Editing the Title Screen in Gold -- Alternate method Empty [Tutorial]Editing the Title Screen in Gold -- Alternate method

Post by Mateo on Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:22 am

1. Hacking the titlescreen
To hack the titlescreen you need: No$gmb ,  a hex editor, AgiXP and some kind of paint program.

First, Draw your Titlescreen using 4 colours like normal gamboy tiles.
After you've drawn it open up your rom in a hex editor and go to  
0x62B0 - Type in 00 (zero) until you get to 0x62EE.

Now find a blank space in the rom (a long run of "00" big enough to add your tiles) to put your titlescreen in.
Get the Offset and The Pointer of the blank space.

Now open AgiXP and load your titlescreen.
uncheck "pokemon/trainer inserting" box and type in your offset  e.g. &h115D8CF. Remember to put "&h" before the offset, or it will not insert properly. If you are using the English version, it will tell you this in Agixp as well.

Now the graphics are in the rom, but we have to make it load them.

remember the offset of the blank space? get the 3 byte pointer, and you should end up with something like 290040 or something. If you don't know how to calculate pointers by hand, use a pointer calculator. I use Pointerberechner but you can use whichever you like.

Now open your rom in a hex editor and go to 0x62b0 and type 21 xx yy 11 00 88  3E zz CD F0 0A  - xxyy is the last 2 bytes of the pointer e.g. 0040 and zz is the 1st e.g. 29

(That is actually you writing your own little ASM script there, telling it where the graphics are, where in the RAM to load it, and then calling the decompression routine, if you were wondering.)

Now that the game will load them, let's edit the tile arrangement.

Open No$GMB and play until you get to the titlescreen... then press ESC.
Press F5 and click on the BG Map Tab.

When you highlight the mouse over anything, it should tell you the Tile Number at the right side pannel.
That's how the map is set out, just a list of bytes in order telling it which tiles to show where.

Now go on the Tile Info Tab... Here it tells you the Tile no. aswell.
So find out how you arer going to arrange it and then go to 0x98616 in a hex editor and enter the bytes of the tiles you want. It's not as difficult as you would think, just time consuming. Also, as you probably notice by looking at it, this map also loads tiles that are off the screen too. These just load a blank tile. You can just skip over them and go down to where the next row of tiles start when entering. (I realized this the hard way when i started out.)

As for editing the pallets, I don't actually know how to change which pallets are loaded to where on the title screen. I just got creative with the tile arrangement and had a couple duplicate pallets to make the screen look the way it does in Secrets and Rumours. I'll update this once I figure out how to change that, it would be handy.

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