[Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features

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[Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features Empty [Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features

Post by Mateo on Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:24 am

So, you've installed Tauwasser's tileset extension, but you aren't quite sure how to use that extra tile space now? Well this tutorial is for you then! I'll show you how to insert your new expanded tileset, set it up, and start using it to map with in this tutorial, which includes pictures for your clarification.

You will need:
-Melash's Tileset Editor
-Your Windows XP CD-ROM

So, let's get started.

Step 1: Build your tileset.

This is pretty straight-forward. You will want to put your tileset together with the tiles you want it to have.

[Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features Tlp1

In this example, I copied tileset 1 from Gold, and added some tiles from Legend of Zelda at the end to expand it, and changed the roof tiles so we can make sure it is repointed correctly later. I set this up in a blank "rom" that I use to store uncompressed graphics and work with them, but you could just copy it to some blank space in the normal rom to set it up, and just not save it.

Either way, once you have it set up the way you want it, highlight your tileset and use TLP to export it as a Bmp file. You should end up with something that looks like this (your colours will vary depending on how you changed them to look while editing the tileset).

[Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features Tileseto

Step 2: Insert your tileset.

Now that we have an image, its time to insert it. Go ahead and load Agixp the way you would normally, and select your tileset. I put mine on the desktop as "tileset.bmp" but this isn't important, just remember where you saved it. When you get to the page where you set up the colors, make sure you choose the lighter shade as color 1 and the darker shade as color 2.

[Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features Agixp1

Agixp doesn't always guess these correctly, and if you import them wrong-way-round, your tiles will look funky in-game.

The next thing to remember is that tilesets need to be inserted Horizontally, while pokemon and trainer images are inserted vertically. Remember to change this setting when you import the tileset.

[Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features Agixp2

The next step is to load your rom, and tell Agixp where to insert it. Since this is not a Pokemon or Trainer image, make sure to DE-SELECT the Pokemon/Trainer Insertion box, and instead manually specify an offset. I chose to insert mine at the offset 0x2CC00, so I typed &H2CC00 so that Agixp knows I am giving it a hexidecimal offset, not a decimal one.

[Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features Agixp3

Step 3: Setting up your tileset.

Okay, you have your new graphic in the ROM, now let's tell the game where it is! You'll want to open Melash's Tileset Editor and load your ROM and the tileset you are editing. For this example, I edited Tileset 1 so I loaded that one. On the left-hand side, you will want to change the field labeled "Tileset offset" to have the location we inserted the graphics, in this case 2CC00.

[Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features Tse1

But we aren't done yet! Since this tileset is larger than the original, it will need more room for its pallet assignments. Since pallet definitions are currently hard-coded to be in Bank 2, you will want to find some free space in bank 2 to insert the new data at. I found my blank space at 0xBC40 so I updated the field accordingly and hit save. You will know it repointed correctly because the entire tileset will go black and white (everything loading pallet 0).

[Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features Tse2m

Now before you can set up the rest of the tileset, you need to SEE the rest of the tileset. After saving the location of the graphics and pallet data in the last step, exit the program and jack up the DPI settings on your computer. On my XP virtual machine, I have to change the setting to around 200% for this to work, your results may vary. I can't vouch for later versions of Windows, but in XP you will right-click the desktop->properties->Settings->advanced then scroll down to "custom setting" under DPI. You will have to put your Windows XP CD-ROM in the drive for it to make these changes, and it will require you to restart your computer. Also, be warned- it will completely and totally screw up the arrangement of all the icons on your desktop. Hopefully later versions of Windows do this better (but if they do, it will be the only thing I have ever found a later version to do better than XP did). Anyway, one you have your DPI jacked up, re-load the Tileset Editor.

[Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features Tse3

You will notice everything is huge now, and you can see the entire tileset. Now you can undertake the tedious process that I have already started in that screenshot of re-assigning all the pallets. Press refresh block data when you are done so that the block data looks correct, and you can set up the tileset as you wish. If you want to insert more blocks than the tileset currently has, you would need to repoint the block data and collision data as well, which would be very time consuming unless you copy and pasted the old data to the new location (which in reality we could have done with the pallet data, as well). When editing the blocks, you will notice that the expanded window would allow you to place tiles outside the actual map block- don't do this. It will cause the program to crash. Other than that, it works fine even if the UI looks odd from being expanded.

Anyway, once you have your tileset fixed the way you want it, set your DPI back to normal and open the ROM in Megamap and edit your maps how you like them. Megamap is able to load expanded tilesets properly, whether or not you expanded the map blocks beyond the original maximum (Johtomap, on the other hand, will not display large tilesets properly if you have additional map blocks).

[Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features Megamap

And that's it! You can repeat this process for other tilesets you may be inserting.

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[Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features Empty Re: [Tutorial]Using The Tileset Extension Patch's Features

Post by MrElephant on Mon Sep 23, 2013 6:38 pm

Can you actually do this in pokemon red too?

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