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Model Hack Thread

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Model Hack Thread Empty Model Hack Thread

Post by Mateo Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:30 am

Look at your thread, now look at mine. Now back to your thread, now back to mine. Sadly, it is not mine. But if you follow the guidelines in the this thread and keep it clean and organized, it could be like mine.

These are categories that are needed in a thread:
If a category is not emboldened then it is optional.
Also, please do not post the information here and tell users to go to another board for updates.

Hack Name: Model Hack Version

Hack of: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal

Introduction (Optional, but preferred)
This hack is not real! It is merely a way of making the model hack give a good example of how to do it!


This hack takes place in a region! In it, you play as a player who gets their first Pokémon from Professor Someone. In this region, you have to face Team Summat who is planning to take over the tri-state area or something general/specific like that. You will have to defeat the team and/or catch a legendary Pokémon or do something else, involving cameos, plot devices, and fat men saying technology is incredible! There is no need to spoil the entire plot, just a little blurb to get people interested and know why they should play this hack.

Screenshots (and/or Videos)
Model Hack Thread 1997gs05gif

Model Hack Thread Bigchar

Model Hack Thread Pmblue

Model Hack Thread 42179224

Progress (Optional)

Maps - 0%
Text - 0%
Sprites - 0%
Scripts - 0%
Other - 0%

Download link goes here

Credits (If there are any)

Mateo - Some screenshots
FoolOnTheHill - Screenshot
Nintendo - Screenshot
Cartmic - Original thread

I would recommend that you do not post any hacks in this section unless you have some sort of patch available, and post them in the scrapbox until then. A staff member can move your thread once it meets the requirements.

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