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[Tool] Agixp 4.11

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[Tool] Agixp 4.11 Empty [Tool] Agixp 4.11

Post by Mateo Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:30 am

To anyone who does not know, AgiXP is basically the RS Ball of the 2nd gen games. You can extract and import pokemon and trainer pictures, as well as any other compressed graphics if you know the offset. The only problem is many people cannot get it to run.

The most common error, and one of the most annoying to fix, is that of two missing files. MSCOMCT2.OCX and FM20.DLL. The first one can be found pretty easily with google. However, FM20.DLL is listed by Microsoft as non-redistributable separately. If you have office, you will pretty much have this file. Microsoft also says you can download something called ActiveX Control Pad which will install it as well. However, for those of you who do not wish to install the extra program, I have included both of the needed files in a separate zip file, and included how to properly register them depending on your version of Windows. Hopefully this will help many of you.

Download Agixp Here.
Download the other files Here.

If this version still does not work for you, try the old version: Download Here

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