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Wiki FAQ Empty Wiki FAQ

Post by Mateo Wed May 15, 2013 12:31 am

Q: Where is the Wiki?
A: You can get to the Wiki by clicking the link on the Nav Bar at the top of the forum.
You can also get to it by clicking here.

Q: What is the Wiki for?
A: This Wiki is first and foremost a place to post information about various Pokémon Rom Hacks, in a format similar to Bulbapedia or Wikipedia.
As a general rule:
- Pages on the Wiki should be in standard plain English.
- Hacks should have a small primary page giving an overview of the hack and notable changes/features.
- Individual locations, Pokemon, and other features should each have their own pages where they are broken down into detail.
- Locations and features that appear in multiple hacks should have dedicated sections on their page for each "version" they are in.

Q: Who can edit the Wiki?
A: Anyone can edit the Wiki, that is the nature of a Wiki. You should register with Wikia.com if you want to edit the Wiki. If information posted by a normal user is demonstrated to be inaccurate (by evidence, an edit by the hack's author, etc) it should be replaced with the most accurate information available.

Q: Do I have to be the Hack's author to post information about it on the Wiki?
A: No. You do not have to be the hack's author to post information about it. However, if any author decides that they don't want information about their hack posted on the Wiki, a note will be made of it and you are not allowed to post about it if that is the case. But as a general rule, anyone is welcome to contribute information about any hack, so long as it is accurate.

Q: The title bar on the wiki says "MC Hacks". What does that mean?
A: MC Hacks is the name of mine and Cartmic's small hacking group (the first letters of our user names. We're very creative like that) and we started the Wiki before it became a part of Celadon Mansion. If it bothers you, you can pretend that it is just the reverse of Celadon Mansion's initials. Either way, it is of no consequence.

This topic will be updated as needed.

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