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Scrapped Project: POKEGODS

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Scrapped Project: POKEGODS Empty Scrapped Project: POKEGODS

Post by Guest Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:12 pm

Times ago I made a small graphic hack to a clear Red ROM, creating a logo, when I came out with a great storyline potyential in half second.

Here's a screenshot (NOTE: The 2 sprites weren't hacked! The 2 sprites are only image editing. But the logo is real)

Scrapped Project: POKEGODS Pokegods

Here's the story I came up with - in 1 second... it's like I already had it in my mind:

You play as an abandoned Charmander, your trainer, Ash, left you because he heard of Pokegods and now he's searching for them, and found some of them, so he left Charmander alone because he thought he was too weak.

Charmander wants revenge, and during his journey to Ash's home he meets Mewtwo, that makes he a Trainer (!) and explain his mission: capture every human kind in the World!

So our charmander will travel across Kanto capturing People in wild grass, completing the SlaveDex,
capturing eventually Legendary Trainers and challenging other PokeTrainers: yes, Ash abandoned also
many of his pokemon that occupied Gyms (Pidgeotto, Snorlax, Krabby etc.).

The mission of Charmander will consist in beat Ash & The Kanto Police (new Team) and take his revenge beating the Pokegods of Ash that now leads the Elite4.


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